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Hey, here I am!

I am 25 now, feeling so old... :-)

I study philosophy, focusing on philosophy of science, so at least you know whom you're dealing with!

But I have been already boring enough, so I just leave you to watch the pictures on thispage, hoping that you'll find at least funny!
A group of friend at a wedding, so you know who I waste my time with ;-)

Here it is me under rain... gosh, I look ugly!

That's the family in august, with a couple of cousins and american friends...
international business!

This is me along with my mommy at home, in August 97.
(Look, ain't I got Michael Schumacher's smile? ;-)  )

This one is dated 1995, when I, er, tried to make my hair grow rastaman like! ;-)

(sure this is funny!)
Next photos as soon as I scan'em! ;-)

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Lorenzo Del Pace

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